Sunday, August 27, 2006

my pattern arrived

On Saturday the mail man brought me a large yellow envelope from NeedleWorks, Inc., it had my pattern in it for this bag. =-) I want to get yarn(s) picked out for the colors.

However, I had been waiting since March of 2005 to make the "My Constant Companion" bag. I just got the hanks wound into balls the first Monday of August 2006. That is what had stopped me starting it earlier. I frogged it after I had knitted 440 yards +, likely 550 yards or so of Cascade 220 for it. I am past where I frogged it by and inch now. I am plugging away at it having used almost 660 yards of yarn so far. With the finish line not in sight. This is not a cary around project as the plastic yarn bag has wholes after this long. I am not going to risk loosing anything anywhere but in this house on it. My current socks are traveling with me wherever.

I am hoping my exchange partner wants a backpack style bag as this is what I will make her. If not it will go right behind her request. I hope to be casting on the first tier soon. I am debating making the Garterlac Dishcloth as I have never done entraloc before. This bag was screaming make me to me.


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