Friday, November 09, 2007


I want this bag so bad. However, my bag swap projects have gotten in the way. I'm almost done! I have one more to finish and then back to my bag. How is everyone else doing?

Michele in Washington,DC

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The litle trian that could?

I finally made a working copy of the pattern to keep the original one nice, I hope. I dug my bag of supplies out from behind the bedroom door where I set it when I knew I could not get it done in time for what I wanted to have it done for last year. Glad I marked it all back then. =-) Still only one lonely triangle made. =-(

I need to get going. I have some gloves and socks in may carry bag, since this one will be bigger it is my sitting at home project. I just need to stay at home to work on it! Then again I hope to go to knitters club tomorrow evening so it might make the trip again, I am sure I took it when I started it.

Surely was mistaken

I surely was mistaken. I thought that I had to knit 5 tiers. DUH! I surely read that wrong. I'm using 5 colors and the smaller needles, but still have to do the same amount of knitting. I wish I would have read that correctly the first time around. I would have surely knitted with the bigger needles and just purchased more yarn. Did anyone else have this problem or am I slow all by myself? lol

Friday, September 21, 2007


Here is my progress. Did everyone else feel the same way I feel about knitting this bag? I love a challenge. I was so worried about putting it together. So, far I'm not having an issues, but to know Ang and you girls are here I can get through it. Happy Knitting!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A little help please?

Ok, I have looked over the pattern so many times. I know I can follow the actual knit pattern without a problem (I hope!). I'm going to use 5 colors to knit the smaller version of the bag. On page 3 of the pattern, under modules Tier #1, I see it has two rows. I'm not sure how to do this part here, I'm thinking the first row under 5 colors, Modules state 1,2,5,6 then the next row for Tier #1 has 3,4,7,8.
I should knit 4 of the MC=A(blt grey) and CC=E(smoke grey, the base color) for 1,2,5,6 and then MC=B(tan) and CC=E(smoke grey) for 3,4,7,8 then apply the AcAdBcBdAcAdBcBd?

I'm just nervous my first time. I won't bug you about putting them together until I get the 8 knitted. Be back in a day or so!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I am so excited that Michele and I will be knitting our bags together! We can help each other and encourage each other. Since she is waiting for her needles and yarn, I will wait, she has been so kind. Yippee, Skippie, joy, joy! =-) VBG

I Am Ready To Get Going Again =-)

Well Michele has been patiently waiting for me to be ready to re start my bag, which got derailed last year. So I will wait until I hear back from her to get going again. I still have the June/July socks from SixSoxKAL in progress and Karen's gloves that I started and found I had too tight of gage for. So they stalled while I frogged, started the socks I do a row on now and then on them. My goal for the gloves is to have them done before it is cold. Then behind my bag is waiting the Ram horns I wanted to make for a Super Ram Fan Spirit before home coming week. So I better get the bag going again soon. Even though I had wanted to finish one or both before I knuckled down on this one. My sock, dishcloth, bag groups will always have one more pattern I have to make now. =-)Then I need to work on some of my aunts UFO I inherited. =-) The bag can be my home project, while my socks and gloves are smaller travel projects. I even made three baby afghans this year! (The first one I made took me three to four years 20 years ago! So I never started another until this year, thanks to my cousin giving me my aunts yarn and UFO's she had a Grandmother's Favorite baby blanket sized UFO. She had started but not finished, I finished it last year and gave it to her first great grandchild (son), this April when I went up real sudden like.

I even have a row counter ready. =-)I'll be glad to get my Denise needles, cable, put back in the case soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Need a partner

Hello Fellow group Members,

I'm a little apprehensive about knitting the Hyphen Boy Modular bag; I would like for someone/anyone to partner up with me to work on this bag. Is there anyone who is up for the challenge? I haven't started yet. I do have yarn that I want to use for the bag and the needles. I don't think there is much else I need. I dont' have the pattern in front of me so, not sure. You can email me or just reply here. (smiles6404@aol.com) I have knitted several felted bags and I have designed and creating some of my own, which I'm still working on. You can check my blog to see my recent workings. http://things-that-interest-me.blogspot.com As you can see there I am in love with felted bags. I love knittine and creating them. I'm really excited about doing this bag. I hope someone contacts me soon. You know sometimes we need someone to hold our hand or talk us through somethings and this may be one of those times.

Thanks in advance,

Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Best in the Show"

My version of the Hyphen - Boy Modular Felted bag won


at the Lake Farm Park Wool Fest being held this weekend in Kirtland, Ohio.

I also took a

Blue Ribbon First Place

in the Mixed Media category since my bag is a combination of knitting and felting.

In addition to $15.00 vouchers to use at the Wool Fest market, I also received a gift basket full of wonderful goodies from the Lake Farm Park gift shop.

I am thrilled !!! So to everyone out there working on this bag, keep knitting !!!

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