Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Am Ready To Get Going Again =-)

Well Michele has been patiently waiting for me to be ready to re start my bag, which got derailed last year. So I will wait until I hear back from her to get going again. I still have the June/July socks from SixSoxKAL in progress and Karen's gloves that I started and found I had too tight of gage for. So they stalled while I frogged, started the socks I do a row on now and then on them. My goal for the gloves is to have them done before it is cold. Then behind my bag is waiting the Ram horns I wanted to make for a Super Ram Fan Spirit before home coming week. So I better get the bag going again soon. Even though I had wanted to finish one or both before I knuckled down on this one. My sock, dishcloth, bag groups will always have one more pattern I have to make now. =-)Then I need to work on some of my aunts UFO I inherited. =-) The bag can be my home project, while my socks and gloves are smaller travel projects. I even made three baby afghans this year! (The first one I made took me three to four years 20 years ago! So I never started another until this year, thanks to my cousin giving me my aunts yarn and UFO's she had a Grandmother's Favorite baby blanket sized UFO. She had started but not finished, I finished it last year and gave it to her first great grandchild (son), this April when I went up real sudden like.

I even have a row counter ready. =-)I'll be glad to get my Denise needles, cable, put back in the case soon.


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