Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tier 4

Just dropping by to show everyone my progress starting Tier 4.
I'm really enjoying this pattern and the way my colors look.

I am making the small version with 5 skeins of Noro Kureyon
(color #165),

1 single skein of Cascade 220 Black,
and 1 single skein Cascade 220 Turquoise

I am using the Noro as my CC,
Black Cascade 220 as MC in odd # tiers,
and Turquoise Cascade 220 as MC in even # tiers.

From, JUDY

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shells Ahoy!

Hi, my first shells are coming along nicely, and I love knitting them! It's great to take a break from whatever and knit a couple shell modules :) Ahhhh, soothing!

Upon inspection, however, I noticed consistently tight edges along the color changes/ striping, so I frogged everything and re-knit the first few. That's right, frog 'em! To me there's no choice about it, the pieces must be re-knit since there is absolutely nothing worse than a missed improvement opportunity. Frog is my middle name: Petunia Frog Honeysuckle!

here are the first 2 shells, now re-knit with equally stretchy sides:

the phone handset is shown for size reference, it measures 6.5" long without the antennae, and the shells measure 5" x 7" at the widest points. They are so beautiful.

(Again, these are bulky wools, knit on 10.5US bamboo double point needles.)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

my pattern arrived

On Saturday the mail man brought me a large yellow envelope from NeedleWorks, Inc., it had my pattern in it for this bag. =-) I want to get yarn(s) picked out for the colors.

However, I had been waiting since March of 2005 to make the "My Constant Companion" bag. I just got the hanks wound into balls the first Monday of August 2006. That is what had stopped me starting it earlier. I frogged it after I had knitted 440 yards +, likely 550 yards or so of Cascade 220 for it. I am past where I frogged it by and inch now. I am plugging away at it having used almost 660 yards of yarn so far. With the finish line not in sight. This is not a cary around project as the plastic yarn bag has wholes after this long. I am not going to risk loosing anything anywhere but in this house on it. My current socks are traveling with me wherever.

I am hoping my exchange partner wants a backpack style bag as this is what I will make her. If not it will go right behind her request. I hope to be casting on the first tier soon. I am debating making the Garterlac Dishcloth as I have never done entraloc before. This bag was screaming make me to me.

Another Joiner

Hi Everybody!
I'm knitting the bulky version using Cascade Ecological Wool #8095, a dark brown-charcoal, and Noro Big Kureyon #17, reds with lots of colorful variegations.
I heard about this KAL from Judy at YahooGroups Felted Bag KAL, thanks Judy!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

4 Color Options from MATT, our designer

Judy writes: "Dear Matt, I would like to use Noro Kureyon and 2 corresponding colors of Cascade 220. What do you suggest for my color scheme?"

Matt's reply:

Option 1: If you have enough Kureyon, you can use it as the main color throughout with a single solid used as the contrasting color throughout.

Option 2: If you have enough Kureyon, you can use it as the main color throughout, using one solid color as the contrasting color in odd-numbered tiers and the other solid color as the contrasting color throughout.

Option 3: Use a single solid color as the main color throughout and use the Kureyon as the contrasting color throughout (one difference between #1/#2 and #3 is the relative amounts of yarn used, with the MC taking more than the CC; another difference is that the slow color changes of the Kureyon mean the the adjacent modules will have contrasting colors with pronounced module definition with #1/#2 and less with #3).

Option 4: Use one solid color as the MC on odd-numbered tiers and another solid color as the MC on even-numbered tiers, using Kureyon as the CC throughout. This option has the greater module definition of #1 and #2 but uses less Kureyon.

"Thank you Matt. I will use Option 4. I'm using Noro Kureyon Color 165 as my CC, Cascade 220 Color Black in odd tiers, and Cascade 220 Turquoise in even tiers. Size 8 needles. From, Judy

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where to find the pattern

Two fellow members have found the pattern here:





Also received this from Kara,

"You can call Needleworks and they'll send the pattern out to you. They shouldn't run out of patterns because it is the home base of the designer"


On 8-17-06 Ang W writes that One Fine Yarn has the pattern back in stock.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I am having trouble finding the pattern.

I emailed Amy at the almost local yarn shop. She sent me back that that is a pattern she does not carry. =-( If I can find the name of the bead/yarn shop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and get there, I'll try that. Any other suggestions for where to get it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I have started this KAL blog for knitters making the


You can see photos of this amazing bag,
find pattern support and detailed pictures for each step -- PLUS
learn more about the designer,

Matthew Hesson-McInnis
There is also a LINK to our KAL on the official website !!!

send an email to:

smiledr710 - at - gmail - dot - com
(that's the number zero not the letter O --- not clickable to avoid spam)
and I will send you an INVITATION TO JOIN !!

including an EXCLUSIVE interview with Matthew

MEMBERS: Please post photos of your project, your progress, any questions, comments, suggestions, and remember to list the yarns you're using for your bag
here on our KAL blog.