Monday, September 04, 2006

I started today.

I did start on the drive from rural Madrid, Iowa (Mad-rid not like we think it should be) to Ames to see dear son, before the long drive home. Only I will be going to the frog pond and I barely got started! I put it aside as I knew I had to frog and the sock wanted done on the trip home.

I have a few questions though. I can p2tog and ktbl. Yet when I try to do the p2tog-tbl (I left the pattern up stairs when I came down, I hope I got that right.) I end up with a yo that does not belong there. Bringing the yarn to the other side changed the stitch. Has any one else had trouble with that. How are you doing that.

Next thing was in row 17 or 19 I wonder if there is a symbol missing? You have (YO) 2 it did not say to K or P. Like I said I am trying to work from memory as I left the pattern up stairs and am determined to get to bed early as we start school in the morning here. I will get this right some how but right now I am not sure how.


  • See page 2 - for P2tog-tbl - I did a basic P2tog.

    See page 3 - on Row 17 it says to YO - this is a KNIT row - so the yarn overs are KNIT direction. On the next row, you drop the YO's. On tier 1, this forms the holes for the handles.

    I hope this helps explain.

    By Blogger Judy, at 6:35 PM  

  • Yes Judy I tthought as much. I think I had too much on my mind to think straight. We seldon have contact with dh's extended familly in the last 17 years, of course after Grandpa's second wife died last year they decided to get us together so it was on this trip I choose to start it in the car. Then while with these starngers called family our oldest ds threw us a curve ball, and decided it was time for us to take him out to eat and meet the girl he likes at college.I thought it should say that and I was assuming that is what it wanted I was just not sure if we were to wrap the yo twice and knit or yo k, yo k. I will go check out those pages the author has, I forgot about them. Thank you al. Glad we are doing this together more or less.

    By Blogger Ang W., at 11:31 PM  

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