Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hyphen Boy Bag Progress

I am doing 13 total tiers (one more to go!)
then on to the creative bottom.
I am making my purse with top handles only, NOT as a backpack, so I will not make
grommet holes on the last tier.
I love the colors and the Noro Kureyon goes a long way using this design.
I'm using 1 1/2 skeins Cascade 220 Black
1 1/2 skeins Cascade 220 Turquoise
3 skeins Noro Kureyon
Size 8 straight needles, I'm using circular for the bottom.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

HANDLES Question for MATT

I posed this ? to Matt, our designer, because I want to make my modular a BAG style and NOT a backpack....


"Do you have any suggestions on how to make it a regular bag and not a backpack?

Would it just mean not doing gromets in the final (bottom) section and doing some other kind of handle instead?"


"One option would be to keep the grommets & holes as written but knit two I-cord tubes, felt those tubes, then thread each one through four of the eight grommet holes and tie the ends of each tube to each other to create handles.
Another option would be to omit the grommet holes in the first tier. Then you could either knit separate handles that you sew into place (either before or after felting) or you could pick-up and knit handle stitches (I-cord or garter stitch, depending on the desired width of the handles)."


"What happens to the other 4 holes I've made if the handle is going thru the other 4?"

MATT goes on to say:

"I was thinking two handles; one handle goes through four of the eight holes, and the other handle goes through the remaining four holes: First handle starts on the outside of the bag, goes in hole #1, out of hole #2, in hole #3, and out hole #4; then, ties these two ends together at a good handle length using a square knot or other decorative knot.
The second handle starts outside of the bag, goes in hole #5, out of hole #6, in hole #7, and out hole #8; then, ties these two ends together at the same handle length as the first one. When you pull up on both handles, the top of the purse will draw closed with accordian-type pleats with holes #1-4 lining up in a row with two "points" sticking out (one between #1 & #2 and one between #3 and #4. Ditto on the other side with holes #5 - 8."

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Knitting Needle Question for MATT

TO MATT: Which knitting needles do you like to use for your Modular Felted Bag?


"When I decided to start knitting the prototype that would become the Modular Shell Felted Backpack, I had just bought a pair of Bryspun double-pointed needles. I absolutely love the tip shaping on their needles and have found the degree of friction to be somewhere between metal and bamboo. I don't recall which circular needle I used on the bottom circle, but my favorites include Addi Natura, Addi Turbo, and Crystal Palace Bamboo. More recently, I acquired a set of double-pointed needles from Lantern Moon. The finish on these dpns is phenomenally smooth and silky, and they are my new favorite double-points and were the needles I used on the most recent backpack."

2 Tips

1. Use a post-it note to mark what line you are on in the pattern.

2. Re-write the basic pattern for ONE MODULE on a separate piece of paper. I color coded it ----the lines for MC and CC---- and I laminated it. This way, you only have to carry and refer to one short page for all the knitting, (until the last tier), and you can easily keep track of your place.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Online Pattern Support

Greetings everyone.

I strongly suggest that you print out the supplemental instructions and photos from the
Hyphen Boy website


Click on "Pattern Support" on the left side under the title, "Modular Felted Backpack", listed under the category, "Patterns"

You will also find the designer's email address and you can email him
questions directly.
He's already answered several questions for me so please feel free to contact him.

P.S. Stay tuned and check back often !!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

I started today.

I did start on the drive from rural Madrid, Iowa (Mad-rid not like we think it should be) to Ames to see dear son, before the long drive home. Only I will be going to the frog pond and I barely got started! I put it aside as I knew I had to frog and the sock wanted done on the trip home.

I have a few questions though. I can p2tog and ktbl. Yet when I try to do the p2tog-tbl (I left the pattern up stairs when I came down, I hope I got that right.) I end up with a yo that does not belong there. Bringing the yarn to the other side changed the stitch. Has any one else had trouble with that. How are you doing that.

Next thing was in row 17 or 19 I wonder if there is a symbol missing? You have (YO) 2 it did not say to K or P. Like I said I am trying to work from memory as I left the pattern up stairs and am determined to get to bed early as we start school in the morning here. I will get this right some how but right now I am not sure how.